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Kathi Barry

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS # 1849802
CO MLO # 100016392
FL LO # 95924
AZ LO # LO-1027532

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My Story

With over 20 years as a loan originator, what sets me apart from the competition is not only my knowledge and expertise in the mortgage industry, but my personalization with each client, I will be there every step of the way, from taking the loan application, reviewing documents, answering any questions, to the closing table. You’ll know what is happening throughout the entire process, whether you’re a consumer or an agent.

My goal is to make you so INCREDIBLY HAPPY, that you cannot help but introduce me to the people that you care about the most, that’s what makes it worth it.

Kathi Barry
Kathi treats you amazing - best ever!
BHorvath from Chandler, AZ
Navigating the complex world of home loans, whether it be a re-finance or first time buyer is extremely difficult. The language, the paperwork, the request for "just one more bit of information" is overwhelming. Kathi helped me out with all of this and what's amazing is she did it from another state! I had hesitated on getting a cash out re-fi, I didn't want to go through the hassle and it just didn't seem to be worth the trouble.She found me a lender to work with locally, while she could've just handed me off to someone and been done; that's not her style. She stayed with me each step of the way, explained the complex language so that I could clearly understand what was happening and why. Reviewed my loan with me, each detail. The lender I had to use was great but not as patient and helpful.Ultimately, she changed my life and I'm not just saying that. I purchased my home 5 years ago at a great interest rate and was working towards saving for those home remodels that we all dream of. Resigning my life to slowly paying off debt and also building a remodel savings seemed to be taking forever and I had figured that over about 10 more years all would work out. I ultimately went with the offer that she suggested from the beginning. This allowed me to pay off all my debt, remodel my home, lower my monthly mortgage and eliminate the mortgage insurance that we all have. Talk about win - win - win.I now have one debt, my house. It's a home that I am proud of with new and exciting features that I can enjoy. I no longer have to deal with flooring that slips out of place, doors that don't close and single pane windows that let more hot air in than what they kept out.I highly recommend Kathi. She'll walk WITH you through the entire process and treat you with the dignity, respect and professionalism that we all deserve. She honestly and accurately explains each step of the process and makes certain that you fully understand what is perhaps the biggest purchase of your life.
My recent refinance with Kathi was the best, smoothest, easiest mortgage transaction I have ever had. We got it done in about two weeks with minimal fuss, and she was able to find me an outstanding, historically low rate. Through the whole process she kept me up to date with what the lender was doing and promptly asked for any additional paperwork or documentation needed to move things along. I would use Kathi's service again, 100%.
2-23-21 Dave Mays
Kathi was on top of my refi, she is so helpful and explained everything so clearly. She returns your phone call within the same day. She is awesome!
Kara Kreiger 2-2021
I had the pleasure of working with Kathi on my home refinance. She is very professional and courteous. She took care of the loan in under 2 weeks and handled any problems quickly to keep us on track for the closing. Kathi does great work and I highly recommend her if you are in need of a loan. Thanks Kathi!!!!
Pat Byron
Kathi rocks! Very dedicated to making sure we understood the process and all of the options, and she went to bat for us numerous times to make sure we could get the interest rate we were going for. Totally above and beyond. Very professionally and personable. Thanks Kathi for everything you've done! Looking forward to working with you again on the next property.
Chuck and Alexis Beckmann
A friend recommended we use Kathi for our refinance of both our primary residence and our mountain condo. She helped us navigate the complexities and answered all of our questions patiently. Kathi is easy to talk to and made herself available around our crazy work and kids schedule. She was simply the best!
Marie-Claude Lavigne
We were so fortunate to have Kathi help us with our refinance. We had many questions and she was on top of everything! This process was fast and easy and we felt like her only customer! Her communication is top notch! She is amazing at what she does and we highly recommend her for all your mortgage/refinancing needs!
Ken & Paula Humphrey
I would highly recommend Kathi for all your mortgage needs. We are extremely happy with our re-fi, she was by our side from start to finish. She looked over everything and made sure the necessary corrections were made. The whole process was easy and fast thanks to her.
Shellie and Stephanie Hoff
Thank you to our amazing loan officer Kathi! our loan was so fast and smooth. 8 day close. you cannot beat that! Just awesome. I highly recommend her.
Art and Carrie Maese
We were really not interested in refinancing our house but Kathi kept in touch with us as the rates began to shift in our favor. She was always there to offer some good advice without being pushy. We made the decision to refinance at a great rate and an even better decision to do it with Kathi at the helm. I recommend her to ANYONE that is looking to refinance or purchase a new home. You will not be disappointed, her years of experience in the business is so incredibly helpful as well! Thanks, Kathi!
Lisa and Geoff Bourque
Kathy is truly the best in the business. She worked overtime to help me refinance my home. She made the entire process seamless. She was available to answer all my questions. I appreciate her patience when I needed more explanation. She hustled to help me find the very best rate. I’m so grateful for Kathy. She’s one of a kind and you won’t regret working with her.
Catherine Gregory
Time was of the essence when we were looking to buy a home. Kathi was responsive, professional, thorough and just overall great to work with. When we had questions throughout the process, Kathi was there, front and center, to provide answers and explain them in detail. Work with Kathi when you’re looking to buy a home!
Brittany Stwalley
My experience was ridiculously GOOD with Kathi. From the initial phone call I received from her after hearing from my realtor that my previous lender advised her we could NO LONGER continue the deal we had made for the house we NOW own. Kathi called me while I was out of state and moved sky, sea, and mountains to get me and my husband in our forever home. She always kept me updated via texts and phone calls and explained everything to the bone for me. She is very knowledgeable in what she does. I was asked to complete certain task for our underwriting & Kathi went above and beyond & spent time helping me understand what was expected during her after hours. At no point in my loan did I ever feel like I didn’t have any knowledge of the interest, mortgage amount, down payment, loan type etc. I brag to everyone about her that is looking to buy or refinance their home. I really wish I would have met her before and not experience that cruelty of the inexperienced lenders that I crossed paths with. My husband and I love her and are very thankful we got to work with such a personable individual! Thank you Kathi !
Leslie Rodriguez
Kathi is amazing! She is on top of all the details and very proactive. We purchased a home while the market was extremely competitive so we had to make multiple offers before one went through. With each offer, Kathi was ready immediately with all the numbers specific to the home we were interested in and always had our pre-approval letter ready the same day. She was very creative and talked through different options that may work best for our situation. She is the only lender I will use from now on. I highly recommend her.
Nicole Hockley
Hi Kathy, I wanted to tell you thank you for taking such good care of my daughter Nicole and Eric. She said that you are the best lender that she had ever worked with. And she has worked with some great ones. I know because I set her up with the best there was available when I was a real estate broker in Greeley. As the deal progressed, and she kept me informed, I could tell that you were a step above the average loan officer and several notches above most. Thank you for not just being an order taker, but for being quick and responsive and proactive in every thing you did. I know we have been FB friends for years, and before you got back into the lending business, but I asked her if you were one of the names Karin had given her and she said yes... And then as things progressed, she kept telling me how much she loved you and loved working with you. I don't know if she has had time to thank you yet, but I wanted to do this on the side, because over my thirty plus years, you have done as well as anybody I have seen. And I worked with only the best. So please accept my my compliment. I am glad they got to work with you. Have a great day and may many easy deals be in your future.
Andrew Pittman
We were hesitant to refinance our home but Kathi answered all of our questions and made the process simple and fast, she worked hard to get us the best mortgage possible. We are very happy we found Kathi and her team and would highly recommend them. Stephanie and shellie Hoff
stephanie h
Kathi is the world’s best broker! She works for you non stop to get you the best rates. She is very pleasant to work with. She has helped us a couple times and we have been very pleased.
Robin Wicka
Kathi was extremely engaged and attentive to get me the best rate for my mortgage. I cannot recommend her enough
John Falcone